Mobility Scooter Ramblings

July 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

A long time have I sat shaking my head as I watch elderly men and woman scoot around cities, towns, suburbs on their mobility scooters. I shake my head in despair at said elderly’s inability to observe road rules and regulations, and in wonder that they are still alive and kicking in spite of this.

I’ve noticed, repeatedly, that mobility scooter riders seldom look around for traffic prior to crossing roads, driveways, or pedestrian crossings. Instead they just continue on their journey forward without so much as a peripheral glance. There seems to be a blatant disregard for surrounding traffic, and an unspoken presumption that they, without doubt, have right of way. Well, I didn’t get that memo. Silly me, I surmised that, because they are ambling along the pavement, standard pedestrian rules automatically apply. When I drive, I anticipate the unthinking acts of others, and I always pause to assess what the mobility scooter will do before proceeding. ┬áNot every driver is bound to be so prepared – so be prepared on your scooters, folks, and look around!

A further note: I recently witnessed the other side of that coin and it left me in despair for another reason altogether. I observed an old woman on her scooter sat waiting to cross a pedestrian crossing, a crossing that walking pedestrians seldom pause at. I pitied her as car after car drove through the crossing without a moments hesitation, not noticing the patiently waiting old woman. Perhaps the lack of acknowledgment for vehicle drivers has stemmed from the medicine already dished?


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