Ode to Spring

August 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Oh, the joys of Spring! The rain retires, the sun streams down and melts the frost, daffodils start springing up, and lambs roam abundant. Ok, to be fair, it is not quite Spring in this part of the world, and in fact today is the first clear-blue-sky sunny day we have had in ages, but while there is a chill in the air I can clearly begin to see Spring dawning. (I also choose to ignore the pessimistic response that says “there will be another few cold snaps yet.”)

What is true is that the bulbs have started blooming and, driving along my beautiful country road, rain or shine, I am currently delighted by the samples of new life in every paddock. I have to be very cautious not to let my eyes wander for in every direction there are very little lambs. Many days I pity them, wanting to wrap their fragile fighting tiny bodies up in cotton wool to protect them from the cold and wet – let’s face it, mommy lambs are not exactly what you’d call maternal.

But for one, my favourite – white mother always accompanied by not one, but two small black lambs. Each time I see them, the little sooty babies are up their patient woolly mother’s metaphorical trouser leg, and the sweetness of them engulfs me. While I have seen black sheep (and have a strong affinity to them) this is my first ever black lamb sighting. To make the set-up that much more enjoyable, there is no black ram to be seen for many, many paddocks around. One has to wonder over the scandal and gossip that must be circulating within those fences!

So, this, my warm-up to Spring, finds me filled with immense joy as I round each bend, enjoying every glimmer of warmth and light and fresh beginnings, feeling energised to turn over my own new leaf and refresh my own life. I am enthused by the tidings of the impending spring air and relaxing summer months.


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