November 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

Many years I have lived with family spread out across our global village. As anyone in that same position knows, while technology allows us to connect at the click of a button, it does not quell the need to see their face, to see them in the flesh, or to feel them as you give them a hug. Ironically, this can be the case whether our loved ones live in the next street or the next hemisphere.

Now, finding myself on the wiser side of thirty, I have started to become acutely aware of how fleeting our time is, and how vital it is that we make the most of whatever we have. I can see more and more clearly how nothing is more important – not work, not deadlines, not housework, not a single thing – than taking the opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

I am off to spend a week with some of my family, and am incredibly excited about getting to “hang out” with my incredibly able eighty-year-old grandmother, absorbing her wisdom and giving her the respect and affection she deserves.

All families have “stuff”; all families have baggage. I believe this baggage is of the variety that should purposefully be lost at the airport. As we head into the season where we are likely to see more of our families (born into and chosen), I implore you to let bygones be bygones and instead of getting caught up in old wounds and being right, choose rather to delight in these wonderful people surrounding you. Be fully engaged with your tribe and savour each moment – they are, after all, all precious.Remember that family are the people we love unconditionally and, in turn, who do the same for us. What, possibly, could be worth celebrating more than that?

Now go and hug somebody you love!Image


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  • nextphasemom says:

    I so agree with you. Family is very important especially during this time of year (holidays). It is a shame in some cases families can be so close toghether (around the corner, down the street, a few miles apart) but so far apart.
    I enjoyed your post.

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