Ring-Ring… Ring-Ring… Ring-Ring

January 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

Remember the “olden days”, the days of yore, the days when if we wanted to connect with someone via the telephone we had to ring their home number and if there was no answer we had to call back later. Ok, so this was actually not that long ago. In fact it was so recently that I can remember it quite clearly (and I’m not that old).

Then? Then came the cellular phone. To be fair originally I think they may have been bricks in cell-phone clothing, but nonetheless they arrived to make our lives easier, to enable people to connect more regularly and with greater efficiency. I can remember my first cell-phone: a gorgeous little Nokia, latest model at the time – one I had to save up money from my first job out of school for, after all, in those days people in school did not have cell-phones and instead spoke to each other.

Now, if it were not for the access my cell-phone gives me to my loved ones flung far across the country – the world – I would send it in for recycling and laugh all the way home. Why? Simply because other people expect us to be at the beck and call of the grand master cell-phone, and more and more I am aware of how annoyed people become when you choose not to answer their calls and either they have to leave a message, or they have to get back to you via email.

I am a grand believer in remaining the boss of my cell-phone, I believe that is healthy and that is my right. I do not have to answer every call, and I do not have to respond immediately if a message is left. If I am busy working, I will continue working; if I am busy exercising or doing yoga, I will continue to do so; if I am busy with someone else, I will get back to you; if I am just not in the mood for “that” conversation” or to talk to someone I don’t know, that is my prerogative. The flip side of that is, if you are exactly who I’d like to catch up with, or be distracted by, or “just because”, I can choose to answer.


Like a see-saw constantly trying to re-centre itself, just as callers grow more impatient with my voicemail message, so I grow more determined to ignore the ringing in my ears. It is a determination to hold onto my time and decide how I spend it, and a determination to decide what the priority in my life is at any given moment. My sincerest apologies if this inconveniences you in any way, but please leave me a message (or better yet, send me an email) and I’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can!


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