In Defence of the Defenceless or How I Lost a Weekend to a Rooster

January 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

I rent a house on 25 acres in the country. Part of my country living, for about 8 months now, has been Doo, a strapping rooster that turned up one day from a neighbouring farm and decided, with all the lush food my garden had to offer him, that he’d make himself at home. Anyone who has ever lived in close quarters with a rooster will know two things: roosters have fantastic personalities, and they can make a lot of noise. They’re roosters! What do you expect?

My gripe at the moment is the lack of compassion of so many people for defenceless creatures great and small. An additional dwelling on my property serves as a holiday home rental for the landlords. Guests staying there last week, friends of the landlords, laid a complaint against our acquired rooster, saying that he crowed too much in the morning. The result? A call from the landlord telling us to get rid of it by whichever means necessary.

Needless to say I lost a weekend to the stress of this situation. He was not our rooster to “dispose” of, firstly, secondly neither my significant other nor I had any problem with Doo – in fact he had become part of our lives. I weaped, I ranted, I stayed up all night worrying about this poor defenceless creature whose personality I’d grown attached to.

I was enraged for a few reasons, and disheartened because I was reminded of the people who are what’s wrong with this world. I was enraged because this is the country – if you choose a holiday in the country, expect country noises, like roosters. I was enraged because do not use your power of connection to get what you want, that is not fair. I was enraged because we are the permanent residents on this property and our thoughts, feelings, desires at no point were considered by either vacationers or landlord. I was enraged because it was we, the soft-hearted, compassionate, respectful people who had no beef with the beautiful cockerel, who had to frighten him as we tried to catch him, and had to look into his eyes as he could not move in his cage, and had to listen to his frightened, confused mutterings as we transported him, and had to worry about whether or not he’d survive in his new home. I was enraged because nobody, except us, stopped to consider the real owners of the rooster and nobody stopped to consider the rooster. Finally, I am enraged because the landlord lied to us in order to “pull rank” on us, using his power against us, reliable, helpful, generous tenants.

Yes, he is a rooster, but who is to say that he is any less worthy than we? Who are we to decide whether he lives or dies just because he is making the noise that roosters make. I grow wild at this lack of consideration and compassion. There is a book that states we are meant to be looking after this planet, and all of its inhabitants. When did so many people forget?

We found Doo a delightfully lush new home, close to us so that we can visit, and in an area where he will enjoy the company (and titbits) of local visitors and campers. He seems happy and settled, and we rest easy knowing that we have handled the situation in the most humane way possible. We rest easy until we are, once again, called on to defend the defenceless.



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