The Interview

February 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Some personal experiences you just have to share with the world in the hopes that someone else will look at you with an equally quizzical look and in union you can say “what?” A recent, incredibly random interview, was the just such an experience, and I just have to share.

Last week I headed off to an interview. I wasn’t exactly looking for a new job, but this happened to be for a company within an industry I’d quite like to enter into. I was thinking foots through doors and all that. I dressed my professional best with just the right amount of individuality to show off a bit of my personal style, and off I went, nerves in tow.

On first appearances, I was impressed – the address was a very impressive brand new building, and I waited on a delicious brand-new leather smelling couch. And then it started going sideways. The uniformed girls, and I do mean girls, conducting my interview were a fine pair. The first just sat there looking like she was just sitting there because was under direction to. The actual interviewer wore no shoes and successfully read off a list of questions from the paper before her. When I asked follow up questions, she could provide no answers. One of the questions I asked, I might add was “what exactly is the job?” This question also went unanswered.

In short, I left my interview with no idea what the job I’d interviewed was, with no real idea what the company did, and with no idea about why I’d been there really. I also thought it rather rude that I was expecting to interview with the boss, but he did not show or even offer an apology.

It then got weirder. I happen to know someone already working at the company who did a little fishing. Apparently I did very well at my interview, but there is no job available!??? So, I did a follow up google search and discovered that the boss has sued numerous ex-employees for defamation of character (in three countries), and is suing a major television network for the same thing. I understand that all of his employees are young women in their (very) early twenties, and I also understand that contractually, no employee is allowed to talk about what the company does outside of company walls. Now, call me suspicious, but something does not sound right with this.

Two weeks later, I still have not heard back from my young interviewers, not via phone, email snail mail, or even text. Two weeks later I also hear that the new courtyard has just been decorated with a statue of Nixon. Sometimes I think it is better just to walk away, and put it down to experience.



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